Paul Comiti Biography

Paul Comiti, born 1970, is an award-winning journalist, cameraman and film director. He started working age 23 in Colombia reporting on the FARC guerrilla and the narco-trafic in South/Central America. Since then he has produced images of conflicts and humanitarian crisis that have made headlines, from around the world: the Middle East and Iraq, Afghanistan, South America (Colombia, Panama, Brazil etc)and Africa (Liberia, Congo..). But his films are not only about conflicts, Comiti has also produced social documentaries such as the work of miners in Bolivia, Congo and Madagascar or the predicament of street children in Afghanistan, Madagascar and Congo.

Paul Comiti received his first awards in 1999 for “Les Mineurs du Diable” (“the Miners of the Devil”), a film about children in tungsten mines. The documentary received three awards including the prestigious FIGRA prize (Festival International du Reportage). Since then, six other of his films have been rewarded with an additional 11 awards. Paul Comiti’s last prize was won in Bayeux in 2009, “Le Prix des correspondants de guerre” (International war correspondents award) for a documentary featuring the war fought by western military troops (French and US) in Afghanistan.

His work has been widely broadcast on French TV as well as major international networks such as BBC and Al Jazeera.